Oklahoma Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections (DOC) Plan is a managed health care program providing comprehensive health and dental benefits to approximately 22,000 inmates who have been sentenced to a term of incarceration with the Oklahoma DOC.

The DOC plan is a partnership between DOC, providers and EGID in the delivery of health care services and products that helps control costs and assists in the provision of high quality health care. Your help as a health professional is needed to achieve this goal. We encourage you to reach out and become a DOC Network Provider today!

The DOC will work with you to schedule a time that works for your office staff. All inmates are accompanied at all times by a guard. If needed, they will bring the inmate through an alternative entrance. They will schedule appointments after or before normal patient hours utilizing as much discretion as necessary to not interfere with other patient care.

In-Network DOC providers utilize the same Allowable Fees as HealthChoice Network providers, and the fee schedule is available at https://gateway.sib.ok.gov/DOC/FeeSchedule/Login.aspx. Non-Network DOC providers are paid per the Medicaid fee schedule.

For more information, please contact network management at EGID.DOCNetworkManagement@omes.ok.gov or call 1-405-717-8750 or toll-free 1-866-573-8462.

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