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DRS Billing Information

Posted 02/08/2019

To ensure that claims are processed promptly and correctly, Network Providers should submit claims electronically using Payer ID 71065 or use the direct data entry claim service available from Availity. The direct data entry of claims feature can be accessed through the provider portal at www.healthchoiceconnect.com.

Dental XChange is a free service for dental providers, for the direct data entry of claims. Dental providers can register for this free service at https://www.dentalxchange.com/home/Home .

Providers may also submit paper claims to:

Department of Rehabilitation Services
PO Box 16485
Lubbock, TX 79490-6485

For current fee schedule information, visit the DRS provider website at https://gateway.sib.ok.gov/DRS/ or call DRS Network Management at 405-717-8921 or toll-free 888-835-6919. Email inquiries can be sent to EGID.DRSNetworkManagement@omes.ok.gov.


HealthChoice Connect

Posted 06/07/2018

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, HealthChoice will have a new provider portal, HealthChoice Connect, at http://www.healthchoiceconnect.com/.

On this self-service portal, providers will be able to access:

  • Claim status.
  • Direct data entry of claims.
  • Direct data entry of certification requests.
  • Electronic Payments.
  • Electronic Remittance Advices in PDF.
  • Eligibility.
  • Member benefits.

When registering on HealthChoice Connect, you will need to use your contracted tax ID number and one contracted NPI number for authentication. Only one registration is required per TIN, as this will give you access to all contracted providers and NPI numbers under that TIN. Please note, the NPI number used must be an NPI number that we have associated with your TIN. For physicians/practitioners, this would be the individual NPI number.


Become a Department of Rehabilitation Services Provider

Posted 10/25/2017

Did you know that the Employees Group Insurance Division also maintains the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services Provider Network? DRS expands opportunities for employment, independent life and economic self-sufficiency by helping Oklahomans with disabilities bridge barriers to success in the workplace, school and home. DRS operates dozens of programs that help Oklahomans lead more independent and productive lives by aiding with:

  • Assistive technology.
  • Education.
  • Employment services.
  • Health and mental health services.
  • Housing assistance.
  • Personal assistance and in-home services.
  • Transportation.

The goal of DRS is to provide rehabilitation and the opportunity for independent living for disabled Oklahomans. Your help as a health professional is needed to achieve this goal. We encourage you to reach out and become a DRS network provider.

For more information, please visit our network provider home page at gateway.sib.ok.gov/DRS, email network management at EGID.DRSNetworkManagement@omes.ok.gov, or call us.


Advanced Communication Engine Announcement

OMES Employees Group Insurance Division - Advanced Communication Engine Announcement

For dates of service beginning Jan. 1, 2018, HealthChoice will adopt more industry standard claim editing guidelines. These guidelines are a combination of CMS, CCI, and McKesson claim editing criteria which have been evaluated for implementation based on plan experience.

To ensure our network providers have the best possible experience with our organization, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Advanced Communication Engine system. ACE will be available to all direct submitters as well as those who transmit claims via clearinghouses or billing services. New ACE Edits will appear on claim rejection reports (277CA) as HealthChoice deploys ACE into the claim submission process.

  • ACE alerts you to deny certain claims through claim acknowledgement transaction reports with clear instructions on how to fix the error and access the supporting documentation that triggered the alert.
  • Claims failing the pre-adjudication editing process are not forwarded to our claims adjudication system.
  • ACE integrates into your current EDI workflow so you can modify claims before submission.
  • After you have reviewed the ACE Edit, if you choose not to change the claim, you can resubmit in its original format and it will pass directly into our claims adjudication system for processing.

ACE does not require any downloads or changes in your current EDI workflow and is available to you at no cost. Help improve clean claim rates and increase collections with actionable edit intelligence.

Providers should work with their existing clearinghouse or billing service to stress the importance of receiving a full 277CA claim submission report to include the new ACE Edits they will see with the implementation of ACE.

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Other DRS Information

Technical note: Older versions of web browsers may not display properly on this site. If you are unable to use the search, call 1-888-835-6919 or locally at 405-717-8921 to access provider information.

Use the menu at the top to search for a Network Provider. If you are unable to locate a DRS Network Provider in your area, please contact the DRS Network manager at 1-888-835-6919 or locally at 405-717-8921.

Changes occur constantly with more than 6,000 DRS Network Providers however; every effort is made to keep this list as current and accurate as possible.

After selecting a provider, it is important to confirm the DRS Network status with the provider or facility.

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About DRS

The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) expands opportunities for employment, independent life and economic self-sufficiency by helping Oklahomans with disabilities bridge barriers to success in the workplace, school and at home.
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