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HealthChoice Select is a program designed to reduce the costs of certain services by contracting with select medical facilities to provide these services and bill HealthChoice for a single amount for all costs associated with the service or procedure on the same day. The services covered under HealthChoice Select are covered at 100 percent of the bundled allowable fees with no out-of-pocket costs to members when they are received from facilities participating in HealthChoice Select*. Please refer to your handbook for more information.

Customer care is available to help guide members through the HealthChoice Select process and ensure members have a positive, beneficial experience. To speak to a customer care representative, please call toll free 800-323-4314.

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Changes may occur frequently with HealthChoice Select Network Providers; however, every effort is made to keep this list as current and accurate as possible.

After selecting a provider, it is important to confirm the HealthChoice Select Network status with the provider or facility.

After selecting a facility, it is important to confirm that the HealthChoice Select facility actually performs the specific services that are needed. A Select facility may not perform every possible procedure or service that is available under the service type or bundle the facility is contracted for.

For example there are 58 procedure codes contained in the CT bundle, however, not all of the contracted facilities may provide all 58 of the related procedures or services. For that reason a members’ need may indicate a specific type of service that is not available from all CT facilities. For additional assistance with locating a Select facility for your specific service, you should a contact customer care representative by calling toll free 800-323-4314.

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*Members of the High Deductible Health Plan must meet their deductible before any benefits, other than for preventive services, are paid by the Plan.

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