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Entering your information accurately is key to ensuring your completed attestation is applied to your account. This is why we ask for your information in a specific manner.

Please enter your first and last name exactly as they appear on your insurance ID card. If your information matches our files, your account will be updated immediately. If we are unable to match your information to our files, your attestation will still be recorded; however, it will have to be processed manually which will cause a slight delay in updating your account.

Understanding why you must complete an attestation

Completing this attestation ensures you and your covered dependents will be enrolled or remain enrolled in the HealthChoice High or Basic Plans for the 2024 Plan year. Members who do not or cannot attest to being tobacco-free will automatically be moved to the HealthChoice High Alternative or Basic Alternative Plan. The individual deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums for these two plans are each $250 higher than the HealthChoice High and Basic Plans.

You can still qualify for the HealthChoice High or Basic Plans if you can show proof of an attempt to quit using tobacco by enrolling in the quit tobacco program available through the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and completing three coaching calls or providing a letter from your doctor indicating it is not medically advisable for you or your covered dependents to quit tobacco. One of these options must be received by the required deadline for you to be eligible for the tobacco-free plans. Refer to the Tobacco-Free page on this website for more information.

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We are a State of Oklahoma self-funded insurance plan covering state and local government, education and former employees and surviving dependents.

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