Tobacco-Free Attestation
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HealthChoice Tobacco-Free Attestation

New for 2020, HealthChoice members can update their annual Verification of Other Insurance Coverage and their Tobacco-Free Attestation in four easy steps.

Welcome to the online 2020 Tobacco-Free Attestation. Completing these steps ensures you and your covered dependents will be enrolled or will remain enrolled in the HealthChoice High or Basic Plan for the 2020 plan year.

Your required annual verification of other insurance coverage will aid in coordinating your HealthChoice benefits, which will help prevent claims from being denied.

This attestation is to be completed only by the HealthChoice primary member.

Enter the primary member's information below and select Continue to Step 2 to access the attestation page.

If at any time you need to locate your completed attestation, please re-enter your information below and select Continue to Step 2. You will receive a link to your attestation in the notification box.

Step 1
Verify Membership

Step 2
Other Insurance

Step 3
Tobacco Attestation

Step 4
Finalize Registration

Enrollment is currently closed For Option Period 2020.

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